Programmers, Software/Network engineers, or Project Managers. You name the requirement, we bring you the talent no matter how niche or scarce.
Part of having the competitive edge over a competitor is employing a talented workforce.  There is no denying the importance of Human Resources functions such as recruitment. However, the current business landscape which demands significant savings has prompted organizations to hold down the costs of its HR activities. Such savings can be attained by Goldstone’s staff augmentation services, thereby giving you the competitive advantage.   
Goldstone Technologies in association with StayTop Systems, USA has pursued a platform based solution for hiring for many multinational clients, the most prominent one being CISCO. Once you name your requirement(s), our skilled recruiters and account managers will source resumes, arrange interviews, offer closure, and onboard applicants. Our centralized sourcing practice which takes care of all the aforementioned steps has helped us provide staffing solutions (contractual and permanent) of assured quality and high integrity. 
Goldstone offers the following list of staffing services:
Pioneers in Outsourced Technical Support for Enterprise Products
Performance and Progression
HR Administration Services (Payroll, Benefits, Workforce and Data Administration)
There is always room for career-oriented people who want to grow along with an already progressing company
The majority of Goldstone’s customers are technology vendors and software product companies. Goldstone has created a niche for itself as a partner for such companies, by providing rapid buildup of resources at reduced cost on a long-term basis
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