Due to the advent of complex technology based goods, you need an equally sophisticated vendor that provides cost effective support packages for those products.
Outsourcing Services
As a leading provider of global offshore-based Technical Support Services, we understand that the customer is King especially with consumer frugality rampant in today’s economy. Goldstone’s top-notch support reduces client operating/labor expenses and while augmenting customer satisfaction.
Sophisticated Tech products need consistent maintenance, hence we offer cost effective support that caters to numerous client needs. From the handover of responsibilities through knowledge transfer to the training the support engineers, we have comprehensive processes to meet your support requirements. Competence, cost optimization, and consistency are the basic tenets of our BPO services.  Hence companies both public and private have been the recipients of superior customer care.
Our Technical Support Outsourcing offers the following advantages:
Pioneers in Outsourced Technical Support for Enterprise Products
Multi-Language Support
Multiple Geographical Support
Multi-Channel Support – Voice, E-mail, Web chat
24x7 days in a year
Supporting 400,000 customers worldwide
Highly trained and certified engineers
L1, L2, L3 and Advanced Technical Support
Scalable technology services support solutions to match your growth

People are the lifelines of organizations but why not get the most talented professionals and plenty savings at the same time?

Leave the business critical applications to us so you can concentrate on your core competencies
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