Searching for the right open source software solution to meet organizational needs? As a partner of many open source technologies, you need not search further.
Open source
Open source software is now an integral part for almost every organization. Irrespective of the industry, open source software has become a staple of telecommunication systems, inventory, accounting, personal productivity applications, contact management, and operating systems. At Goldstone, we have experienced and skilled software engineers who are adepts at building software systems via open source technology.
The following is a list of several advantages as a result of opting for open source software:
Lesser hardware costs
High quality software
No vendor lock-in
Integrated management
Simple license agreement
Reduced software costs
Abundant support
Scaling & consolidating
Goldstone can provide you with the perfect open source software solution that effectively meets the requirements of your organization. We can aid with the appraisal, design and development of an open source solution specific to your organization.
Experts in the form of MVPs and Community members will help you get the best out of your Microsoft portfolio
The Microsoft technology platform is capable of supporting people/processes across your organization, market, and supply chains
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