Mobile devices have become integral to our daily routines. Add to them any of Goldstone’s services and you will be conducting business on the go in no time.
Mobile Services
App Testing
Reduce your testing costs and increase coverage with our comprehensive and customized testing services.
Handset Testing
Dramatically increase your speed to market, improve product quality, and decrease testing budgets. Test our solutions on more than 2,000 mobile phones and Smartphone’s – for your application, content, or website. 
Expand your coverage across devices, operating systems and carriers with effective porting and migration services on Windows Mobile, PocketPC, J2ME, Symbian, Palm and Blackberry. Goldstone Mobile Services and Solutions are your gateway to success—increase your market with our development, testing, automation, localization and porting services.
Cross border and cross cultural engagements require less travel these days with the advent of Video Conferencing Solutions
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