Goldstone’s repertoire is not just limited itself to the IT and consumer industries, we have also made our technical mark in the cinematic universe.
Media and Entertainment
Goldstone is also proud to have played major technical roles in reviving classic masterpieces of Indian Cinema.  As much as 165 artists of ours worked to transform the film into the colour version of the Telugu epic Maya Bazar. We used 16.7 million color shades for the conversion. We also remastered the full scope movie and the sound to a DTS system from the previous mono track.
Our track record of technical excellence has helped many in the media and entertainment industry with the most strategic technological solutions within cinematic, editorial, and consumer sectors. GTL also signed the agreement with renowned actor Dev Anand’s company Navketan International Films for film restoration and colorization. The evergreen classic Guide was converted to cinemascope from 35mm using a special technology specifically for modern times.
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