Your value chain comprises of many segments of your enterprise, so why not stay informed regarding every aspect of your business?
Hi-Tech & Manufacturing
The management of product lifecycles always begets the question, how can costs be controlled while simultaneously sustaining high-performance standards? Also, with the dynamic nature of the high-tech/electronics market,  companies strive to keep up with complex, demanding customer bases. 
As a company that relishes opportunities arising from such dilemmas, Goldstone helps your organization streamline your core competencies with operations/production.
Our solutions can aide your business within the following:
Order Management
Supply Chain Implementation
Supply Chain Planning
Logistics & Maintenance Management
GTL helps clients address these challenges by developing customer lifecycle strategies, and then tactically enabling these strategies through meticulous automation of key business processes.
Roadmap planning
Marketing execution
Forecasting and pipeline management
Product configuration and order management
Customer service and customer analysis
Our production savvy consultants possess the skill to tackle any of your manufacturing and operational needs. Our people, process, technology methodology will only help your organization innovate and efficiently utilize your resources.
Roadmap Planning: GTL’s roadmap planning services align CRM technology with core business processes in the high tech industry. Our expertise with CRM enables us to immediately consolidate your business objectives with tactical release plans. Thereby your resource requirements are reduced and time-sensitive deliverables are addressed.
Marketing Execution: GTL can help your marketing team increase campaign effectiveness and reduce costs by utilizing technology to customize communications with prospects via online channels. You will be significantly able to improve closed-loop marketing and lead management.
Forecasting & Pipeline Management: High technology companies face several challenges when blending forecasts from direct/indirect sales channels. We have the capacity to help you get past complex forecasting and pipeline management challenges by carefully implementing CRM (along with leading sales methodologies) to increase visibility throughout the demand chain.
Product Configuration & Order Management: GTL can help improve your quote and order-management processes by enabling product configuration, pricing, product management, and order-capture solutions. Our team has extensive experience in helping companies develop realistic integration points with back-office systems so that application integration efforts are effective and manageable over the long run.
Partner Relationship Management: High tech companies have become increasingly reliant on alliances with distributors, resellers, OEMs and implementation partners to sustain cost-effective customer acquisition and revenue growth. GTL helps companies deploy a variety of leading technology solutions to fortify partner effectiveness and satisfaction.
Customer Service: GTL helps service and support organizations increase profitability through entitlement-driven support and customer self-service. Our solutions increase customer satisfaction by personalizing consumer interactions as well as providing more efficient means to capitalize on renewals and cross selling opportunities. We can also enable call routing capabilities to remote users across the globe.
Customer Analysis: To accurately manage and execute through a CRM strategy you must be able to measure key customer metrics. GTL helps companies design a business intelligence foundation that will help you understand key metrics across your sales, marketing, and service organizations by leveraging leading BI tools.
Consumer habits are constantly changing and retail dynamics have adapted accordingly. Insights in the form of analytics streamline CPG companies' operations
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