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Financial Services and Banking Solutions
The Financial Services industry is a complex and constantly evolving industry.  Business trends are emerging on the heels of one of the most difficult economic slowdowns our generation has witnessed. Heightened regulatory requirements and growing marketplace demands are putting pressure on IT departments. Hence, Financial Services providers seek help to catch up with the technological demands.
GTL’s industry expertise combined with our proven delivery capabilities positions us to cater IT consulting and technology services specific to the Financial Services industry.  By focusing on the business drivers that affect IT departments, GTL partners with leading global technology providers to deliver business-oriented technology solutions and services across the industry.
We understand the demands IT departments are faced with: 
Delivering projects that enable business growth and reduce the cost of banking IT
Increased automation and straight-through processing
Rise of emerging technologies and the need for customer-centric products and services
Demand to develop and maintain flexible IT infrastructure
While faced with the challenges impacting the industry, including: 
Reduction of IT budgets
Dynamic and often unclear regulatory requirements
Marketplace consolidation which forces the rationalization of IT platforms (data centers and hardware)
The deference of complex projects with elongated ROI, which hinders IT’s ability to keep up with an evolving technology landscape
Tighter alignment of IT strategies with business objectives to show quantifiable value
Global sourcing prompts organizations to consider cheaper staffing alternatives
Security concerns has slowed the adoption of cloud computing projects across the banking sector
GTL’s Business Intelligence solutions and Information Management services provide business analytics for executives that support tactical data initiatives and enable long-term planning and strategic thinking.  GTL enables business analytics that optimize customer insight at the point of interaction while also providing information to improve operational effectiveness.
We provide a variety of information management solutions and services that can be leveraged to enable:
Customer insight and information
Business intelligence and reporting
Profitability analysis
Product pricing
Risk management
Regulatory compliance requirements
SAP is among the best in-class technologies to help your organization maximize ROIs optimally align your Business/IT
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