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Goldstone Demo - Tableau
Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. Tableau is designed for anyone with data and questions. People can access information, perform analysis and share results without assistance from technical specialists.
Tableau’s software products put the power of data into the hands of everyday people, allowing a broad population of business users to engage with their data, ask questions, solve problems and create value. Tableau aims to make products easy to use, ubiquitous and as deeply-rooted in the workplace as spreadsheets are today. Tableau products and features as follows
Tableau Desktop – It is a full developer software, provides Self-service business analytics and data visualization that anyone can use.
Tableau Server - Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them throughout the organization with web based Tableau Server
Tableau Online - Hosted version of Tableau Server makes business intelligence faster and easier than ever before
Tableau Reader - Free desktop application that enables you to open and view visualizations built in Tableau Desktop
Organizations use Tableau in a broad range of use cases such as increasing sales, streamlining operations, improving customer service, managing investments, assessing quality and safety, studying and treating diseases, and improving education.