Business processes can either disrupt or augment the course of an organization’s activity. Our enterprise management tools achieve the latter.
Business Process Management
Companies are often faced with two challenges: 1) understanding modern business dynamics, 2) aligning their business processes with technological investments through limited resources.
Our valuable consulting service evaluates and outlines the client’s business value, requirements, needs, and focus. Goldstone helps customers understand the steps to implement the solution along with the risks and impact. The flexible consultative approach guarantees that we can provide the professional resources you need. No matter what your staffing or IT challenge, our consulting services help you get the most out of your resources (be it short-term/long-term or onsite/offsite). We strive to create customized solutions which deliver tangible benefits, add value, and improve your business processes.
GTL consulting services can help your organization to make the most of the in-depth functionality offered by SAP BI in the following areas:
SAP Business Warehouse
SAP Strategic Enterprise Management
SAP Knowledge Warehouse
Enterprise Application Integration
Business performance management (Key Performance Indicators)
Metadata Management
Collaborative business intelligence
Our IT Business Consulting Services include:
Business Strategy
Project Management
Business Process Re-engineering
Project Risk Management
Business Transformation Services
Services in Business Objects:
BI Readiness Assessment
Deployment Strategy & Roadmap
Deployment Architecture Strategy
Solution Assessment
Data Quality Assessment
Goldstone’s brand of Recruitment Process Outsourcing incorporates a platform based model that has procured premier talent for prominent companies, small and large
Our RTIS not only insures your IT Infrastructure, but it also gives your IT team yardstick to measure its performance
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