Cost optimization, check. Simplified decision making, check. User friendly nature of Tableau, check. Find out why else you should consider Goldstone’s BI solutions.
Business Intelligence and Analytics
At Goldstone we love turning unforeseen dilemmas into beneficial opportunities. With the big data quandary faced by organizations due to intricate information structures (in the form of both structured & unstructured data), it was inevitable that GTL join hands with data management software company Tableau.
The amount of rich and raw data present throughout company software systems can be utilized to provide insights into various aspects of an organization. Facts, figures, and etc. emanating from such data sets can be categorized into modules over all company levels. Goldstone’s infrastructure combined with Tableau’s data visualization capabilities harnesses micro/macroeconomic information within data which can be useful to major decision makers.
If you would like real time predictive insights regarding a certain facet of your business or overall market conditions, our first-rate data integration competence enables key decision-makers to have key facts on a dashboard upon demand.
Would you base your critical time sensitive decisions based on instinct or on real-time analytical data immediately accessible through Business Intelligence technologies? While many judgments made according to gut instinct have been successful, one cannot deny the uncertainty that lies with doing so. Why not leverage the variety of business data to prompt fast analytics which enables timely analysis and efficient adjustments during constantly changing circumstances? With strong decision making capabilities afforded by Tableau through Goldstone’s people, process, and technology, your Business Process and IT alignment is thereby strengthened.
Tableau Software
As a Center of Excellence with a team of 90 BI Professionals, we knew that Tableau and Goldstone were a perfect match. According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms 2013, Tableau 8’s quick implementation turnarounds and dashboard visualizations have made it an industry leader. Our team is fully proficient with this user-friendly software that leverages its VizQL Technology to cater to certain industries, departments, and environments.
Regardless of the complexity of your data sources, Goldstone’s trustworthy implementation services are sure to satisfy any breadth of requirements. Tableau has become synonymous with the following words: speed, flexibility, user friendly, and interactive. These are the qualities which made us realize the potential of Tableau and a Goldstone Partnership.
As an entity which flourishes on finding the most opportunities from the deepest dilemmas, Tableau found a direct implementation partner in us. Regardless of your technical expertise/ overall IT Infrastructure, the visualization software allows you to connect to numerous data sources. Whether a huge server or a simple setup runs your IT, it has absolutely no bearing on your ability to generate any type of query.
To optimize your data and IT needs, look no further than Goldstone Technologies’ Adept Analytics services.  Our certified consultants have the technical know-how and experience to implement any customized solution to your needs.
SAP Business Intelligence
GTL SAP Business Intelligence consulting services are equipped to lead projects for processing as well as analyzing the information generated in your operational SAP R/3, ECC6, ECC7, Relational Data Sources, and any other source system. 
We collect and analyze external as well as internal data for organizational value generation. We have a wide range of solutions and services for harnessing structured data, including the business intelligence/BI diagnostic, data warehousing services, BI sourcing, and event monitoring. 
The reliable, timely, and cost-effective implementation is of utmost importance to the SAP NetWeaver BI team. The talented team has the experience to make your project successful.
GTL Business Intelligence  COE (Center of Excellence)
The GTL COE for Business Intelligence provides expertise to streamline existing configurations, analyze query performance/data target utilization, and catering to ad-hoc reporting requirements. GTL consultants evaluate your system in detail and recommend solutions to improve data loads and reporting performance. The prior System Audits and Technical Reviews are instrumental in facilitating overall cost reductions.
Additionally, performing a full audit with a technical review of the SAP BW installation allows tremendous optimizations in BW efficiency. The service also includes data modeling analysis, issue identification, and resolution recommendations.
Application Implementation Services
We also offer rapid implementation and integration of SAP BI with mySAP™ ERP system and non-SAP systems during the planning, assessment, and implementation of SAP BI and SAP ASAP methodology. 
Implementation services include Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM) Offerings and Enterprise Portal (SAP EP). Our consultants offer training and change management services to ensure your reporting system meets your business needs.
SLA Based Application Support Services
GTL puts forward consulting and remote support services for SAP BW (the application support services include BW system monitoring checks, error resolution and functional/ technical BW support) while adhering to our Service Level Agreements with our customers. Professionally delivered, with a focus on building productive relationships with customers, our support service is responsive, flexible and cost-effective.
These services are offered in the following areas:
Production Support
Maintenance and Enhancements
Operational Support
User Security
Application Health Monitoring
The capability to make quick decisions does not only come about through computers and tablets. A cellular device is sometimes all you need
We deliver each of our projects with a systematic approach and time-tested practices. Our flexible business model helps us evolve a shared vision of business requirements and proactively shape solutions with our clients
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